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From the middle of September to the middle of November we operate Whale & Seal Watching cruises in conjunction with the Montague Island Tours. See Whale Watch page or price list.

One of the best attractions on the South Coast is a Tour to Montague Island Nature Reserve. Relax aboard one of our vessels and enjoy your twenty minute voyage to Montague’s resident Seal Colony. Along the way you may encounter pods of migrating Whales (Sept to Nov), vast schools of friendly Dolphins, basking Sunfish, Manta Rays, or acres of pelagic fish.

Montague Island is well known for its colony of Little Penguins. These birds return to their burrows each evening after a busy time fishing in the waters in and around the Island. This nightly migration can be viewed on the evening tour to the Island between September and late January.

Montague Island Tours

Where is Narooma

Where to find us in Narooma.
Both vessels depart from the Narooma Wharf


Narooma Charters started Montague Island Tours in 1985 and has worked closely with NPWS in developing and improving the Tours onto the Island. We offer three different tours each day. We now have over thirty years experience operating these tours.

1. Montague Island Tour with optional snorkelling. - Departs 8:00 am - Duration 4.5 hrs.

Departs Narooma Town Wharf, 25 minute trip to the island, see the two seal colonies, (optional snorkel with the seals), land on the island with NPWS guide, see the lightstation, walk up inside the lighthouse, take a stroll around the southern walking track back to the boat, learn about the heritage conservation and wildlife on and around the island, enjoy 25 minute trip back to Narooma. (maybe longer if we come across Dolphins or Whales).


2. Montague Island afternoon Tour. - Departs 1:00 pm - Duration 2.5 hrs.

The afternoon tour involves the same as the morning tour without the snorkelling or the walk on the southern end of the island. (snorkelling is available in place of landing on the island if requested)

3. Montague Island afternoon Tour. - Departs 1:00 pm - Duration 3.5 hrs.
Departs Narooma Town Wharf, 25 minute trip to the island, see the two seal colonies, snorkel with the seals, land on the island with NPWS guide, see the lightstation, walk up inside the lighthouse, learn about the heritage conservation and wildlife on and around the island, back to the boat and then snorkel with the seals, enjoy 25 minute trip back to Narooma. (maybe longer if we come across Dolphins or Whales).



4. Montague Island Sunset and Penguin Tour. - Departure time varies with time of year - Duration 3 hours

Same as am tour except you watch the Penguins come home to roost instead of the walk around the southern end of the island.

All tours offer you the opportunity to learn about Montague's remarkable wildlife together with the Island's geographical, Aboriginal and European history.

Departing Narooma Town Wharf.

Please arrive 15 minutes before departure time. It is a good idea to wear sensible walking shoes, take some sunscreen and don't forget the camera.

Some seals close to the boat.

There are approx 1200 seals on Montague Island and it is the largest haul out site in NSW.

Ariel view of Montague Island.

The island is 84 hectares and one kilometre long. It is also home to many marine bird species and has a long aboriginal history.

Pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow.

Unfortunately the rainbow was gone by the time we got to the island so we couldn't find where to dig!

Whose watching who.

The seals are very curious and will buzz all around you when snorkelling or diving.

Lighthouse with adjacent buildings.

This is the view on the way from the jetty to the lighthouse.

Lightkeepers quarters.

This is the view from the eastern side during grass replanting.

The wharf at Montague.

This is the jetty where passengers disembark from the boats.

The wharf at Montague.

Note: There is a small ladder to disembark on. The height of the ladder depends on the tide. It could be four rungs of the ladder on very low tide.

NPWS guide.

The NPWS guide meets us at the wharf.

Peguin viewing area.

The Penguins arrive on dusk and are viewed from the seating near the jetty.

The Lightstation.

View from the top of the old quarry which was used in the construction of the Lighthouse.

People admiring the view from the balcony.

This has to be one of the best views in the area.

Restoration work in progress

Work being carried out by NPWS with advise from the heritage Dept.

View from the boat.

This is taken from the eastern bay at Montague.

Ralph the penguins house.

NPWS staff thought one of the penguin boxes needed improvements. Ralph still uses this box each year.

Part of the seal colony at Montague.

One of the seal colonies with the lighthouse behind.

View from the east.

Taken from the boat as it circumnavigates the island.

More seals.

One of the many seal colonies looking from the boat.

We need help counting the seals.

We ask that the children on board help us count the seals to help researchers make sure the colony is healthy and undisturbed by human activity.

Seals resting on land.

Seals spend more than 50% of their time on land.


A great way to spend their time.

More seals.

The colonies on Montague Island are inceasing by approx 10% each year.

Seal underwater.

Many more sights like this await you when you snorkel with the seals.

Seals waiting for snorkellers to play.

Often up to 100 seals will be around the boat.

Tours may be cancelled if the weather or sea conditions are unfavourable before or during the tour. We operate two large purpose built boats (12.5 metres each) for the tours to Montague. Both vessels are comfortable with twin motors and extra strengthening throughout for the Narooma entrance and the rigors of tying up to an open water jetty. The tour boat crews will do their very best to ensure you enjoy your tour. However, your safety and comfort is their highest priority and Tours are cancelled if weather conditions are bad.


All Trips involve a boat trip. Narooma Charters reserves the right to refuse access onto the vessel for safety reasons.
NPWS has a strict policy of non landing for people with a disability or limited mobility. Please let us know if this is an issue when booking.
All Whale Watching and Montague Island Tours are subject to Weather and Sea conditions and may be cancelled at short notice or during a trip due to deteriorating or operational conditions. We ask that passengers arrive 15 minutes prior to departure as time tables are strickly adhered to.
Please Note:
Clothes should be to the prevailing conditions there is plenty of room on board if you bring extras such as jackets or jumpers.
Sensible walking shoes, avoid thongs and high heeled shoes as they are slippery on a boat and the island has grass tracks.
There is little shade on the island so a hat is a good idea.
Things you might like to bring: a camera, water and a snack especially on the evening tour as there is sometimes a wait for the little penguins to arrive back at the island. (please note: no flash photography on the penguin tour)
We also suggest you phone us on 0407 909 111 prior to leaving home if you are travelling from out of town for the tour for an up to date weather check. 

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Montague Island Tours


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Montague Island Tours

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