All Trips involve a boat trip. Narooma Charters reserves the right to refuse access onto the vessel for safety reasons.
NPWS has a strict policy of non landing for people with a disability or limited mobility. Please let us know if this is an issue when booking.
All Whale Watching and Montague Island Tours are subject to Weather and Sea conditions and may be cancelled at short notice or during a trip due to deteriorating conditions. We ask that passengers arrive 15 minutes prior to departure as time tables are strickly adhered to.

Please Note:
Clothes should be to the prevailing conditions there is plenty of room on board if you bring extras such as jackets or jumpers.
Sensible walking shoes, avoid thongs as they are slippery on a boat and the island has grass tracks.
There is little shade on the island so a hat is a good idea.
Things you might like to bring: a camera, water and a snack especially on the evening tour as there is sometimes a wait for the little penguins to arrive back at the island. (please note: no flash photography on the penguin tour)
We also suggest you phone us on 0407 909 111 prior to leaving home if you are travelling from out of town for the tour for an up to date weather check. 

Whale Watch and Montague Island Combined Tour.
8:00 am tour. Enjoy time with the Whales and visit the Seal Colony then land on the island for a guided tour.
1:00 pm tour. Land on Montague island for a guided tour and then enjoy time with the Whales and seals.

The late
afternoon Tour is the same as am tour but stays at the island to see the Penguin Parade on dusk. Departure time for the Penguin / Whale Watch tour varies so please confirm the departure time at time of booking.

Whale Watch and Seals Tour.
Enjoy time with the Whales and then visit the Seal Colony at Montague Island. 9:30am and 12:30pm
Knowing where the Whales are from our large number of spotters along the coast we can go directly to the Whales and enjoy these magnificent creatures.

Because of our last seven years 100% success rate make sure you ask for Narooma Charters and we will go out of our way to make sure you enjoy your trip as much as we do.

Why Travel with Narooma Charters ? We are the most experienced whale watching operation in the area. The most powerful engines to reach the whales quickly. Canopies for sun and rain protection. Toilets on board. Two 12.5 metre vessels, fully surveyed to carry passengers under a stringent 1c passenger ferry survey. Built specifically for charters out of Narooma.

Don't delay book your seat now and enjoy the experience of a lifetime !!!!!!!

Not to be missed is the amazing Seal Colony at Montague Island which boasts up to 2000 Australian Fur Seals that swim right up to the boat. On the late afternoon tour it is possible to land on Montague Island with a National Parks and Wildlife Guide to see the incredible Penguin Parade.

The highlight of the 1994 season was Narooma Charters sighting of the Migaloo the Albino Hump Back (Pure white) only 20 minutes from port.
In 2011 we were once again blessed with a sighting of what we believe is the son of Migaloo he was a pure white juvenile whale and he spent approx forty minutes breaching around our vessel Dreamtime.

Pods of up to 10 whales are not uncommon and often swim to the boat where they seem curious about the people watching them. Since we introduced Whale Watching Tours from the port of Narooma there has been a success rate of 98% with many people who have been all over the world specifically to see Whales, commenting that Narooma has turned on the best Whale Watching they have ever seen. In the last 7 years we have had a succses rate of 100%.

Each pod of Whales on their southern migration stops in the area for up to four weeks and feeds on Krill or Jellyfish and when they have had their fill they frolic around the pristine waters of Montague Island.
A wide variety of Whales are seen on the Tours including Hump Backs, Southern Rights, Fin Whales, Bryde's Whales, Sei Whales, Blue Whales, Killer Whales and large pods of Dolphins are an added delight. Whales are often sighted only 5 minutes from port.

Where is Narooma

Where to find us in Narooma.
Both vessels depart from the Narooma Wharf


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