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Welcome to Narooma Charters.

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Narooma Charters have provided Montague Island tours and whale watching trips for nearly 3 decades! We promise a memorable experience
for you to enjoy with your friends & family regardless of the season.

From two of Narooma’s largest charter boats, our experienced crew will take you out to Montague Island in comfort – come with us to check out the whales, go fishing, jump in with the friendly seals or explore Montague Island. The view, room and comfort aboard our boats in unparalleled – join us and relax!

Montague Island Tours - aerial view of Lighthouse

Montague Island LighthouseMONTAGUE ISLAND TOURS

Tour with local knowledge

Visiting the town of Narooma is one thing, but the area comes alive when you leave the dock!

And we know pretty much all of Narooma’s secrets – because we’ve been showing people around since 1983. All tours involve a 25 minute boat trip to Montague Island, and the same trip back again. Sometimes on the return trip we may stop for dolphins or whales which can extend the time. Montague Island is something that you have to experience – check out our new gallery and see for yourself!

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Whale Watching in Narooma

Narooma Whale Watching ToursWHALE WATCHING TOURS

Have a whale of a time with us

Pods of up to 10 whales are a common sight on our whale watching tours, and they often swim to the boat where they seem curious about the people watching them. In the last ten years we have had a whale spotting success rate of 100%.

Each pod of whales on their southern migration stops in the area for up to four weeks and feeds on krill or jellyfish, and when they have had their fill they frolic around the pristine waters of Montague Island.

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Fishing King Fish with Narooma Charters


You’ll be the one who got away

At Narooma Charters we have specialist fishing boats, the latest equipment, and (most importantly) the best local knowledge.

When it comes to fishing, our 12.5 metre boats are the two largest charter vessels in the area and we are committed to giving you a fishing experience that will bring you back for more. Fishing licences are covered, all tackle is included (on a ‘replace if lost’ basis) and you get to keep all the fish you catch.

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Diving and Snorkelling in Narooma

Montague Island SealDIVE CHARTER TOURS

Dive in with Narooma Charters

Montague Island is one of diving’s most diverse and best kept secrets.

Montague’s unique location offers dozens of dive locations and the advantage of dives in almost any weather conditions. It is recognised as a world-class diving destination with wonderful surprises throughout the various seasons. Not up for a Scuba dive? No worries – let’s go snorkelling with the seals!

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Happy customers enjoying fishing on holiday in Narooma

What to See & Do

Narooma, on the south coast of New South Wales, is one of the most beautiful places in Australia.

Since 1983 Narooma Charters has built a reputation as one of the most reliable and consistent charter operations on the south coast.

Whether it’s a tour of Montague Island on your holiday, whale watching, snorkelling with seals, diving, or fishing – Narooma Charters will show you the best the south coast has to offer.

Explore Narooma

On board our large, comfortable charter boats

Our Boats

We own and operate Dreamtime and Sea Eagle – the two largest charter vessels in Narooma.

Our skippers and crew are all highly qualified with extensive experience, and our large and comfortable vessels are fully licenced and surveyed with the Waterways Authority.

At Narooma Charters we pride ourselves on the highest standard of comfort, experience and customer service in the area.

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